A Simple Announcement

December 23, 2013  •  3 Comments

Nothing fancy.

In fact, we weren't even sure we'd get to do the session because of the intermittent rain on Saturday. But the gender of this baby HAD to be revealed, so we pushed through the drizzle and the humidity, which our curly hair loved hated, to make a simple announcement. PINK or BLUE?


Drum roll, please...and...

Look at that blue bow! And watch the pink one fly away...hopefully, this gorgeous couple will keep having beautiful babies, so we'll get to use that pink ribbon one day...

But for now...this mama has a house full of boys. And you know what? That's just perfect.



Congratulations to this adorable family!!! Can't wait to meet the new little guy this spring. In the meantime, I know this stud muffin is going to be an awesome big brother.


PS. Caneeka doesn't just grow beautiful babies, she is a published author with a super cool & encouraging blog. Check her out at removethemakeup.com <---shameless plug. Oh yes, I did just do that.




Samantha Nelson Photography
Yes, the only way for this family to be even cuter...is to add another adorable baby to its numbers. I love these guys.
Great news! You look beautiful.
Beautiful! Congratulations. What a blessing...
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