It's Too Cold For A Photoshoot, Right? Wrong.

January 28, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Wool socks. 

Cashmere scarf.

Winter coat. 

These are the things that I wore today while running around town with my kids buying milk and bread for our arctic freeze. And as I was tucking my head down, mumbling curses against mother nature, and braving the 20 second walk from my car to the Walmart door (which felt like a mile), I shuddered:

"It's definitely too cold for pictures."

And today, perhaps, that's true...18 degrees is not prime weather to be frolicking outside and capturing memories with your family, unless you want images of your family huddling for dear life against the wind chill.

But in general, Alabama winter temperatures don't prohibit outdoor winter shoots.

There is something very unique about the way

the fur lined hood of a winter jacket

pulled over your head frames your face.  

There is something adorable about

toddler knit hats that make it look like

an animal is hitching a ride

on top of their little, wobbly noggins.

And there is a warmth about

an embrace in a wintery landscape that warms the heart of the observer.

So...if you're adventurous enough to brave the cold, the next question I typically get is:

What Should I Wear During a Winter Shoot?

I thought you'd ask that. So here are some ideas:

And for all my mommas with a little sprout in the oven, you can still look gorgeous in your winter photoshoots, too! Here are some ideas for you:

So, once the weather decides to stop losing it's mind and reaches back up into "normal" Alabama ranges, give me a call and book a session. 

There are too many family portraits in white shirts and khakis on the beach. Be the family that spices it up with some awesome winter images! 


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