Capturing Love in a 4x6 Frame

February 20, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Faith is a huge part of my life. It's the starting point of love, for me. Knowing that and feeling it are two different things, though. So, I'm always looking for the experiences of love in the mundane of life.

One of the greatest ways I connect to love is through my own daily parenting moments. Everyday I experience these moments of intense joy and love for these three uniquely quirky children that call me "mama," and I am silenced by the realization that God loves me, with all my imperfections and quirks, infinitely more. 

I try to connect to that understanding of his passionate love for me everyday, because it's there that I believe I change.

I become better.

I find joy. 

Wholeness is there.

I can love others from that place.

That's great, but what does that have to do with photography? 

Glad you asked.

So, as I go throughout my day, I look for His love. With the silly excitement of a giddy, middle school girl, I look for opportunities to see His love displayed. Most times, I get these little folded-love-note-written-on-college-lined-paper experiences from God, and it's like He and I exchange these knowing glances of love in secret. 

Last night, I had one of those moments, and luckily, I had my camera. (Enter photography relevance here.) 

Picture this:

Wednesday night church service. Baptisms planned. My niece decides she'd like to participate.

Her dad, a pastor at the church, has the opportunity to walk her through this very special moment of celebration of faith. 

What a picture of a dad's love! What a great moment of little sheep-like faith! Look at the dedication of the father to his daughter, and vice-versa. 

Love Note To You & Me

You might be in the middle of a moment of celebration, like the baptism above, or you could be going through a difficult season where you feel tired, anxious, or just plain-alone. 

God is there, like the father in the picture above...praying for you, speaking to you, smiling over you. Your daily life matters to him, and he is so pleased to be included. 

He rejoices over you today. 

I hope you feel his arms wrapped around you, like the picture above. He's not distant. He's not disappointed by you. 

You were not a mistake.

He loves you...

It isn't a coincidence that you're reading this blog post.

He's pursuing you until those 3 words become just as real to you as breathing. 



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