3 Questions and 1 Recommendation You Won't Want To Ignore

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Today's blog post contains 3 questions and a recommendation.

Question 1: Do you own a camera?

No, I don't mean the one in your smartphone. I mean a real point and shoot, like in the good-ole' days. Remember, it came with a strap and a tiny, zippered camera pouch?

I think the majority of readers would say, "No, I use my phone to take photos." 

Question 2:  Do you ever edit your photos?

So, you've taken an amazing selfie, and decided to put it up on FB, Twitter, or IG.  Now what? Do you edit it first? Or just post right away?

I really have no idea how many folks edit before posting. I'd love to hear what you do in the comments below.

As a photographer, I shy away from overly air brushed photos. I think our imperfections give our face character and depth.  Ever seen the Dove Real Beauty tear-jerkers commercials?

Question 3: Does erasing wrinkles and lines make you feel better about yourself, or worse?

My teenage daughter showed me an app she uses for editing pictures on her phone. So, as most moms do, I listened to her savvy, tech prowess, which far exceeds mine, and decided to try it. Here's my before and after shot: 

Before & After

But after looking at it, I wasn't sure how I felt. Sure, I like the "after" look, but that's not how I really look everyday! So, am I just walking around, making folks endure my hideous pre-touchup face? Looking at that smooth, oxygenated "after" face for too long makes me dwell on my flaws more so than anything else. And contrary to what you may be thinking right now, I'm not opposed to looking good, after all, don't we do this essentially every time we put on makeup?  

I don't know, what do you think? 

Does erasing wrinkles and lines make you feel better about yourself, or worse? 

I mean, if we were to boil this question down to it's most base level, I guess I'm asking: what is beautiful to you?

The early morning face you see when toothpaste is foaming like a club bubble machine from your mouth into the bathroom sink?

The day face you put on, with colored shadows, thick mascara, and foundation blended smooth?

The "after" picture, all edited and contoured, manufactured flawlessness? 


Try this free app: Perfect365.  

Do a "before and after" picture and share it, if you're feeling courageous, or fun-loving. Share it on my Facebook page, or just send me an email with your thoughts. I'd love to hear it.

Let me know what you felt about the whole experience. I double-dog-dare, ya.


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