Capturing Daddy Moments

April 18, 2014

Dads play a powerful role in their children's lives.


As a mom who worked outside the home for 4 years while my husband was a SAHD,

I have seen the magic of an active, loving dad

in the twinkling of little eyes.  


That's why I follow and support the work of organizations like Dad 2.0

They strive to keep this statement

at the forefront of culture's water cooler discussions

Dads matter.  


So, it was with great excitement that my shoot last weekend was of a dad with his kiddos.  


And boy, was he a dad...because they climbed trees...



And he threw kids in garbage cans. Ok, not really, but...



And they loved it.

And him.

(Check out those adoring little faces, if you don't believe me.)



So listen, you don't have to wait until Father's Day this June to be thankful for all the dads in your life.

Shoot them an email.

Send them a text.

Or better yet, give them a hug and show them that they can still make your little big eyes twinkle.


Samantha Nelson Photography

::photography with a heart::