Our Biggest Announcement Ever!!!

April 04, 2014

I wanted you to be the first to hear it...

With so many of friends and fans living outside Alabama, I hear things like this all the time:

"...I wished you lived closer!"


Well, I'm doing just that. 

No, I'm not moving, but I do have big HUGE plans this summer...travel plans, that is!


Samantha Nelson Photography is going on the road this summer,

just to scoot a little closer to you


Are you excited? 

Because I am!!!

Check out all the great locations I'll be visiting. Where will you meet me?


April 9-10   Gulf Shores, AL  

Ever wanted your portrait on the beach? What about a {trash the dress} shoot in the ocean? Now's your chance.

Contact me here for details.


April 23    Nashville, TN

Ever wanted a couple's shoot in downtown Nashville? What about a high fashion shoot in the big city? The options are endless.

Contact me here for more details.


May 1-3   Atlanta, GA

Pick a place. Any location here could be like booking your very own magazine photo shoot! Great Mother's Day gift idea, too!

Contact me here for more details.


May 12-16   San Francisco, CA

We'll finish our summer tour in the beautiful backdrop of California. The big finale would be better with you!

Contact me here for more details.


Now is our chance to work together!

Please say you'll come and meet me at one of the locations above!

For pricing and session times, contact me here, and I'll be glad to answer any questions.


Now, I've got to run.  I have a lot of packing to do!


Samantha Nelson Photography

::photography with a heart::