Giving Fear The Middle Finger

May 16, 2014


I'm pretty used to the wide-eyed stares on bewildered faces when I recount the past few months of my life to them.


I'm less offended and more fond of the perplexed looks and crinkled brows that I get when I tell them I quit my salaried, tenured job position to stay home with my kids. And before you are tempted to think I had my act together, I will tell you these 3 secrets:

"Yes" my husband was still looking for a job when I resigned.

"No" we did not have a huge stash of cash saved up. 

"Yes" I was terrified.

The responses I received from people who heard my story during that Fall of 2013 when I threw all career caution to the wind and screeched my Nissan SUV out of the parking lot on my last official work day, included:


-"you're really brave."

-"i could never do that."

-"what about health insurance?"


But here's what people really meant:


-"w.o.w" = "Who's going to feed your kids?"

-"you're really brave." = "You are one stupid, crazy fool."

-"i could never do that." = "i would never be that blatantly risky."

-"what about health insurance?" = "So, you're prepared to go bankrupt with medical bills, are you?"


Now that we are entering the Summer of 2014, and my children and I aren't living in a cardboard box under a bridge, people don't think I'm as crazy anymore. They just think I'm lucky, as in:

"you're lucky your husband found a job in this economy."

"you're lucky you made it out."

"you're lucky your little plan worked out."

But it's wasn't luck.

It was a deliberate choice I made: to leave everything sure and stable, to step into the unknown, to set up camp there in the foggy fear, and with sure and steady feet walk a road I could barely make out.

But it was worth it, because taking that one step of faith and following my heart has lead to so many other dream opportunities.

I can't wait to tell you about one in particular. 

#ThoseCrazyNelson2014 is headed your way. Better watch out. We dream recklessly and have an addiction to huge leaps of faith.