An intimate wedding vow renewal in Nashville

August 06, 2015

It was a special week for some friends of mine. Check out their beautiful family of 14:

_DSC0239-Edit-Edit_DSC0239-Edit-Edit Mom and Dad renewed their wedding vows in an intimate ceremony at home on the exact date of their 20th year wedding anniversary. 

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My heart was warmed by this special night, where love was honored and family was celebrated.  

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And boy can this family celebrate! They danced the night away, even though it was a school night. Because...well, love makes you do that.



And did you know that love also makes you smash cake in each other's face mercilessly? My hubby and I haven't hit the 20 year mark yet, but I'm pretty sure this statement is true.

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Congratulations, you two. Let's do this again in another twenty!