Things to consider if you haven't done family photos yet

November 12, 2016

Everyone needs updated family photos, right? We can agree on that, can't we?

Ok, ok...

I know I'm a biased source. I mean, a photographer telling you how important family photos are seems a little fishy, like a bank convincing you why the envelope in your bedside table is not a great place to keep your money. I have a vested interest, yes, but it still doesn't mean that the banks and I don't have a valid point. 

Here are some things to consider if you haven't done family photos, yet.

1. The beautiful fall colors will soon be gone. 

*Side note...Those middle photos make me laugh every time!! The second photo is what #reallife brotherhood looks like. The third photo is #photography brotherhood.

2. The weather is getting colder, and outfit choices will be limited. Winter parkas are stylish and all, but wouldn't long sleeve shirts and fall blankets be more comfortable for photos? And let's face it, quivering, purple lips are hard to photoshop.


3. They're getting older. Your family. Your kids. Your babies. 

Of course, there's no pressure. 

Just your kids growing up before your biggie.


4. You'll need Christmas cards soon!!!


Of course, this entire article was just tongue in cheek, because I think taking pictures and having fun should be synonymous...and very low pressure.

I'll be here this fall or next spring, or whenever life slows down long enough for you to get your photos done.  

**Big thank you to these brothers for helping make this blog post way cuter than my words could ever make it.