No Makeup Mondays: Meet Bethany

April 25, 2016
It's not about the makeup.
It's about hating parts of ourselves and desperately trying to hide those parts from the world:
whether that's our aging neck, full arms, scarred face, or a story of a failed relationship.
It's about feeling like we don't measure up:
whether that's our dress size or our singleness or our career. 
It's about shifting our focus to things that matter and not piecemealing our worthiness like we aren't whole beings.
The Real Me Photoshoot is about one day, when we stood in our sacred space and said "we are enough" to the camera and the photographer and everyone who would ever gaze at our photos.
It's about practicing that bravery a little each day in hopes that it gets easier, not just for us, but for each little girl who follows.
The Real Me Photoshoot is about sharing our beautifully, imperfect stories and selves with those around us, knowing that our bravery is contagious, and shame has no place in any part of our journey.
Meet Bethany. She was one of the ladies from a Nashville community of women called Known, who participated in The Real Me Photoshoot.
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No Makeup Mondays is an ongoing series from my photoshoot project, The Real Me. 
Keep being brave with your story, Samantha