No Makeup Mondays: Meet Michelle

August 29, 2016
It's Monday again; welcome back, friend!
Raise your coffee cups, folks! Here's a toast to inner beauty, authenticity, and women who uplift other women!! 
It's No Makeup Monday.
Meet Michelle:
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When I met Michelle during this shoot, she had left a 10 yr relationship and was at a crossroads. In fact, one of the things she was doing was letting go of the need to have it all figured out! She had been  wondering if the right partner would ever come along and all the other things we women think about: kids, anxiety, feeing not good enough.
When she found out that I was from Hawaii, she talked wistfully about how she had always wanted to live there.
Well guess what?
All these months later, she's found a way to do that! She's leaving on an adventure of a lifetime and headed toward island paradise to work as a traveling nurse.
She's a reminder to me that sometimes it's better not to wish...but to act. It takes courage to leave what you know...but it's worse to never have tried.
Act today. Your adventure is a choice away.
Keep being brave with your story, Samantha
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