Why photoshoots are easy for kids

August 17, 2016


This is Little Miss R. 


She didn't love being in front of the camera, or asked to sit still.


She didn't love changing into the frilly outfits that mom picked out.  

She just wanted to play and throw rocks. 


And that's why photoshoots are easy for kids.

They can easily forget the camera is there and just...play. They don't worry about their makeup or their wardrobe color scheme. They don't have all the voices of insecurity that inhibit and make them stiffen up. They just play and ignore the photographer, and sometimes those make the best kinds of photos. 


Now, me, on the other hand?

Well, I was a sweaty mess, chasing her around like a National Geographic photographer chases a rare bird that hardly ever looks up from its play. But that's what good photographers do. They make sure their subjects are comfortable. Good photographers do all the work for you. You should just play.

I loved this sweet girl. And though she didn't love the camera, the camera sure did love her.

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