No Makeup Mondays: Meet Brittanie

September 05, 2016
There's something beautiful about being known, about sharing your story, and being embraced by others even when we share the scary, hidden parts of ourselves. 
Have you ever experienced being known in that way? 
It's No Makeup Labor Day Monday. 
Meet Brittanie:
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Brittanie is gorgeous, and tall, and independent. She is young and stunning, and just by looking at her, you'd never imagine that she experienced anything but pure joy and fun her entire life.
So, when she began sharing the heartbreak of losing the chance to play soccer competitively due to a back injury, I was intrigued. How could this young girl already have so much wisdom about identity, knowledge of who she is, and resilience despite terrible circumstances? How could she know about finding joy in the midst of disappointment--already?? 
It took me a lifetime to understand those lessons.
People are so much more than your first glance will divulge to you. People around you have stories. They have learned stuff--despite their age. Ask them. Share your journey. 
We all need to hear it.
Keep being brave with your story, Samantha
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